About Varmour

Varmour is the leading provider of Application Relationship Management. Enterprises around the world rely on Varmour to control operational risk, increase application resiliency and secure hybrid clouds — all while leveraging the technology, they already own without adding costly new agents or infrastructure.

Continuously Discover and Visualize Applications

Applications Are A Complex Blend Of New And Old. Varmour Makes It Easy To Understand And Search Complex Application Relationships Across Any Environment—From Cloud-Native To Mainframes

Automate Policy Creation And Governance

Applications Are Dynamic, With Constantly Changing Behaviors. Varmour Automatically Builds Application Baselines And Security Policies, Letting You Know Instantly When An Application Violates Policy

Automate Policy Creation And Governance

Isolate And Control Applications

Rapidly Reduce Your Application Attack Surface By Using The Infrastructure You Already Own To Isolate Applications. Varmour Orchestrates Consistent Enforcement Of Security Policies Across Public Cloud, Private Cloud, And Legacy

Varmour Uncovers Hidden Dependencies And Data Flows To And Through Middleware That Help Enterprises Reduce The Risk Of Cyber-Attacks And Service Outages. Now You Can See Applications, Relationships, And Data Flows Between Middleware Across Hybrid Cloud Environments With The Business Context You Need. With VArmour’s Intuitive User Interface, You Can Filter Or Search By Environment Or See Data Flows Between Regions Or Critical Applications, To Make Better Decisions Fast.

Discover Data Flows Continuously

Continuously discover data flows between all assets and workloads through middleware like IBM MQ and FTP servers with a centralized ML-based relationship mapping engine

Visualize Data Flow Relationships Between Applications

Visualize and understand multi-hop dependencies and data flows through middleware

Leverage a Single Relationship-Based View

Leverage a single application-centric and relationship-based view across enterprise IT for understanding your risk, attack surface, and blast radius

Use API-Based Integrations for Middleware

Integrate easily via a standard API connector framework with common sources of business, IT, and security data, including middleware platforms like IBM MQ and FTP servers

Monitor and Control Who is Accessing your applications

Continuously audit, respond, and control identities and access relationships

Visualize and Control User Access to Applications

Protecting your most critical assets means first visualizing and understanding who has access to them, and then determining whether they should have access. Varmour is the only solution that enables customers to see identity from the application out. That is, extending vArmour’s powerful ability to discover and understand applications accessing them so that risk can be managed.

Continuously Monitor Real World User Access Behaviors

Overprivileged application access is pervasive and often discovered after it’s too late. Privileges are either hastily approved by line of business, or periodic reviews of access quickly become stale and only deal in the hypothetical. Varmour continuously monitors actual Continuously Discover And Visualize Data Flow Relationships To And Through MiddlewareContinuously Discover And Visualize Data Flow Relationships To And Through Middleware

Expedite and Coordinate Changes at the Speed of Business

The process of updating security policy is rigid, struggling to adapt to economic disruptions and the evolving needs of the business. Varmour accurately simulates, predicts, and responds to the changes on your users and apps – who’s impacted, and in what way?

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