IT Products & Support

Wired and Wireless Network

Revolutionize your networks with state-of-the-art networking and mobility technologies and bring everything together.

Server and Virtualization

Benefit from server and virtualization technology innovations to drive down cost and meet your business growth demands.



Data Center and Infrastructure Management

Keep your data center and infrastructure optimized at top performance through intelligent solutions and management software.


IoT and Embedded Systems

Revolutionize your business through small and smart things that gets the job done effectively and efficiently with minimal cost.

Workstation Technologies

Choose from a wide selection of certified workstation solutions with simplified management and automated services.



  • We have a range of flexible and competent individuals and teams to meet specific requirements and are able to scale up and down accordingly.

  • We will provide the best and the brightest utilizing the breadth and depth of our resources to deliver faster, quality outcomes.

  • Our team’s capabilities and experiences across industry ensure that we will have the right people to deliver tailored solutions.


  • We have skilled consultants with experience in cybersecurity positions who can be hired for a shorter or longer period depending on the needs of your business

  • Our dedicated and driven consultants want to develop with you, and with our help you always have easy access to our broad range of expertise.

  • We can offer you the specific expertise you need -in the right place, at the right time


  • We have a blend of advisory practice experts with deep functional experience in crucial areas of cybersecurity

  • We partner with local and global outsourcing vendors and stay current with their capabilities and performance

  • We understand needs and can offer valuable outsourcing options suitable for your business and capability needs to provide you with the right team



  • We have combined security standards with global leading practices in risk management, cyber security, governance, and people processes

  • Our approach addresses six key dimensions at five levels of maturity that together provide an in-depth view your cyber maturity

  • We provide an in-depth review of your ability to protect your information assets and its preparedness against cyber threats


  • We have the breadth and depth to provide strategic advice and to support you in developing innovative strategies that embed cybersecurity excellence into your business.

  • But, we don’t stop there –we draw on our deep functional expertise to work shoulder to shoulder with you through implementation and deliver targeted results by accelerating momentum, locking down value and de-risking both decisions and actions


  • We offer you a tailored approach to address the ongoing challenges of cybersecurity governance and compliance with Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority

  • We help you adopting digital technology to create new ways of working, with the aim of achieving better results and better experiences for workers

  • We help you to gain a comprehensive picture of how robustly your organization is structured for cyber security

Managed Services


    Our managed SOC (security operation center (provides a hybrid resourcing model of on-site and off-site professionals, combining 24x7 coverage with a SOC model that is customized around your core business needs.


    We partner with leading global IR providers to help you with a wide range of activities —from preparation to recovery, maintaining a proactive stance, responding strategically to incidents


    We help you to uncover advanced threats hiding within your network and servers, using proactive techniques carried out by our highly qualified and experienced security professionals.


    Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers and can help you tighten your security through simulating real scenarios targeting your high-risk cyber assets

  • CISO (chief information security officer)

    Our CISO as a service is designed to help you maintain focus on your responsibilities and achieve your targets through advice, shadowing, and knowledge transfer


    We provide you with a range of flexible and customizable DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) options through our local and global partners to meet your business needs for availability and accessibility.


    Drawing on our expertise in managing cyber crisis and our crisis management platform, we can deploy immediately to help you managing the situation and coordinating teams to reduce the impact on the business


    We deliver to you an actionable cybersecurity intelligence relative to your business showing threats and threat actors interested in harming your business, and we support you to take the right precautions