Quality Policy

Specialty Experts commit to support it’s clients with all cybersecurity &amp; ICT innovative technology solutions. Specialty Experts shall provide reliable and efficient services to its Client Base whilst conforming to the Company’s mission and vision and the required legal and security rules and regulations and to maintain customer satisfaction.<Br> In order to achieve this, we have implemented a fully integrated documented Quality Management System as per Quality International Standards, for which the CEO is ultimately responsible.’’

This QMS ensures that Specialty Experts can fulfill its contractual obligations by:

Ensuring that all activities which directly affect the quality of service are carried out under strict controlled conditions.
Close and continuous monitoring and analysis of quality indicators which provide the feedback to enable quality improvement, giving due regard to the human factor.
Providing up to date instructions and training to all staff together with the promotion of quality awareness.
The CEO ensures that this policy is communicated, understood and implemented at all levels.
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