About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a US based security services provider. Their purpose-built cybersecurity-centric, AI/ML powered platform with a well-honed adversarial orientation delivers all-encompassing protection to the organization which includes proactive protection, automated detection, machine learning-based response, threat intelligence, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness.

Managed Services

Managed Detection and Response:
Managed Detection and Response from SharkStriker is a superlative security service that goes beyond traditional MDR services by covering the entire attack life cycle wherein protection is mapped to the MITRE Att&CK Model. Attacks are stopped right at the gate with a first in line, autonomous prevention engine with cloud connectivity, and security is further bolstered with kernel-level data collection and enrichment to make it more resilient to adversary tampering. Add automated attack visualization and root cause analysis to the mix and you have a MDR that goes way beyond what you think MDRs should do. Wait, there’s more! With automated millisecond response action to threat detection deep within the attack lifecycle, cybercriminals will have to try harder to get into your network.

You also get the advantage of incident triage workflow, vulnerability management, firewall monitoring & assessment, and other security services delivered through our SharkStriker platform by our cybersecurity experts.

SharkStriker’s platform built with an adversarial mindset delivering all-around protection to the organization including proactive protection, automated detection, machine learning-based response, threat intelligence, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness. You leverage the advantage of a layered security approach through multiple security services delivered from an unified platform.

SIEM as a Service

SIEM Solution or Security Information and Event Management is a full-featured set of tools integrated with log management and monitoring abilities. The core objective of SIEM is to monitor and detect targeted threats and prevent data breaches. A typical SIEM system will collect log event and other necessary information from diverse IT assets such as devices, platforms, IT frameworks, applications and more, to zero in on suspicious network activity. Upon identification, an investigation alert is generated, to ensure faster analysis and remediation of malicious log events.

You need a SIEM as a service if

SIEM will help you meet demanding compliance requirements that are constantly hanging. It does this by improving your security posture, irrespective of whether you have the budget to deploy expensive security solutions that will help monitor your organizational environments.

Despite deploying the toughest cybersecurity measures at your network perimeter, attackers can bypass these, and move around your network to steal valuable data. This is why you require SIEM that monitors your logs 24/7 to ensure suspicious activities are detected and remediated. This ensures you are able to achieve the security control defined under PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 271001 and other compliances

SOC as a Service:

24/7 SOC-as-a-Service: Continuously monitoring your business infrastructure and the entire threat cycle chain for quick detection and real-time response. Due to a lack of resources and expertise, not every company can build its own Security Operation Center. The underlying costs, hiring the right experts, and managing the technology stack can become overwhelming. SharkStriker’s 24/7, managed SOC-as-a-Service allows you to overcome all these problems on your path to optimal cybersecurity. With our SOC-as-a-Service, you get a comprehensive security model, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR), SIEM capabilities, SOC experts, etc., to secure your business. With the effective combination of people, products, and processes, we can help detect advanced threats and contain them before they impact your business.

Key elements of a robust SOC-as-a-Services include:

Incident Response Service

Advanced Incident Response: Utilizing machine-accelerated, human-led MDR platform with digital analysis for real-time responses. Incident Response is a critical component for mitigating the consequences of a data breach. No organization is completely secure today. Hence, businesses need to leverage Incident Response (IR) Cybersecurity Services to help with 24/7 monitoring, root cause analysis, resolve and respond to immediate issues, and enhance security to prevent recurrences. Leveraging threat labs and conducting in-depth research on the latest crime tactics help Incident Response experts to quickly respond to security incidents before they become severe.

Key elements of robust Incident Response Services include

Cloud Security Solutions

Also known as cloud computing security, cloud security uses numerous policies, technologies, and procedures to enable security in the cloud to secure end-to-end environments. These measures come together to protect data, systems, and the overall infrastructure on the cloud. These measures authenticate access to the cloud to monitor traffic and ensure regulatory compliance. A robust cloud security solution can protect your cloud computing environments from both external and internal threats


Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing: VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and the acronym contains two types of testing approaches, which together offer a comprehensive vulnerability evaluation. The VAPT process includes automated vulnerability assessment, human-centric penetration testing and in certain complex scenarios, also involved red team operations

Penetration testing is used to identify the extent of weaknesses and their severity. The job of a penetration test is to find flaws and show you how damaging it could be if it is exploited by a real attacker. Together, both Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing offer a drill-down view of the various flaws across different systems and their potential to put your organization’s cybersecurity at risk.

Cybercriminals are using strategies and tactics that are constantly evolving. In order to ensure your network remains safe at all times, it is imperative that it goes through periodic vulnerability assessment and testing. Apart from delivering a 360° visibility into organizational security weaknesses and throwing light on the necessary security solution, VAPT also supports your need to meet compliance such as GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

Network Pen Testing

The Service leverages automated asset discovery system to discover all possible IP enabled assets such as security solutions, network devices, various operating systems and services. An automated and manual penetration testing system penetrates every element of the network

We offer penetration services that deliver holistic information on all the weaknesses in an extremely planned manner that takes cognizance of each and every aspect of the interface, architecture and data flow.

Web Application Pen Testing

We conduct penetration for both proprietary apps and also those from third-party vendors, and our process is designed to identify the most critical web app security risks as underlined by OWASP and MITRE CVE/SANS.

We offer penetration services that deliver holistic information on all the weaknesses in an extremely planned manner that takes cognizance of each and every aspect of the interface, architecture and data flow.

SharkStriker’s API penetration testing service is configured to identify a broad range of API vulnerabilities, which are discovered with the use of both automated assessment and manual penetration testing. Our API penetration covers all vulnerabilities that are a part of the OWASPs top-ten list:

We offer API penetration service that deliver holistic information on all the API weaknesses in an extremely planned manner that takes cognizance of each and every aspect of the interface, architecture and data flow.

IoT Pen Testing

SharkStriker’s IOT penetration services ensure cybercriminals are not able to exploit the many weaknesses that are a part and parcel of the IOT ecosystem. Our penetration experts focus on reverse-engineering the hardware components to simulate real-world-like attacks into the complicated IoT environment to try and exploit vulnerabilities. Get a comprehensive report along with security recommendations to secure your IoT devices. We stop penetration and attack in its steps by securing all vulnerabilities that are in the OWASP top ten list:

We offer IOTVAPT services backed by wide-ranging expertise in addressing the security concerns associated with all kinds of IOT deployment and our proficiency in understanding how cyber criminal’s function.

Firewall Services


Installing firewall on network is a critical security event that needs to be done within a specific timeframe and with a fair degree of completeness and proficiency. This is what SharkStriker does

Monitoring & Assessment

Evaluation of Firewall Rules & Configuration We conduct an accelerated assessment of all firewall rule monitoring and platform configurations irrespective whether it is a next-generation, traditional, on-prem or virtual firewall. This assessment ensures there is a consistency in rule and policymaking.

Drill Down Firewall Analysis

Our firewall experts go through the length and breadth of firewall configuration and check how they stack up to industry best practices. This ensures there are no compliance violations and vulnerabilities are patched before they are exploited.

Exhaustive Firewall Audit

We can conduct a quick-fire firewall audit report with meaningful reports that match industry standards and wherein the analysis is customized to align with your organization’s security needs and all security weaknesses are addressed seamlessly.

Audit & Assurance

Complete Evaluation of Rules, Configuration and Compliance Violations We check your firewall rules, configurations and policies for any inconsistency across both traditional and next-generation firewalls. This guarantees problem-free functioning of firewalls and ideal setup up of network defenses.

Firewall Adhering to Vendor Best Practices

We make sure your firewall configurations are inline with the kind of configurations underlined by the firewall vendor and your firewall deployment isn’t violating any compliance and access policies and is structured effectively.

Audit Reporting

Audit documentation and detailed reporting mapped to your internal security policies that tells you whether your firewall was configured properly, what were the issues and how these can be resolved to improve firewall functionality

A well-rounded approach to managed firewall services guarantees sustainable and growing security returns from your firewall installation